This will be a weekly feature, containing images, articles, interviews and products that I feel my readers, like I, will enjoy. They come from my personal blog roll, general perusal of the internet and interesting things friends show me. If you have any suggestions for the Sunday shorts please send them to “thescientificmoustache [at] gmail [dot] com”.

[Fig.1] Frank Buchwald Is a Designer, he has spent the last decade working on hand made and incredibly intricate lighting fixtures. Here is his current series and you cannot help but want one. They are phenomenal. Click the image to go to his website.

[Fig.2] A fine example of 21st Century Satire.

[Fig.3] A 115 year old mating couple of turtles have split up, attacking each other and refusing to share a cage, the Austrian Times reports, click the image to go to the article.

[Fig.4] Scientists have found evidence that the same genes govern insanity and genius. Christine Hsu writes for Medical Daily, click the image to go to the article.

[Fig.5] Edward Conrad, Author, Mitt Romney supporter and Graduate of Harvard Business school, debating US politics with Jon Stewart & Joe Stiglitz (Jon Stewart interview only available US readers). Click the Image to go to the Article.


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