This weeks menagerie of miscellanea, seen and digested by me, to be regurgitated here to stimulate your mind.

If you have any suggestions for the Sunday shorts please send them to “thescientificmoustache [at] gmail [dot] com”.

[Fig.1] Sometimes you just have a bad day. Today is one of those days. Image credit: Anonymous.


[Fig.2] This picture reminds us that in days gone by even soldiers were gentlemen. Image Credit: Unknown


[Fig.3] Bitcoin is a growing digital currency that I intend to cover in far greater detail. Here is a great overview from the stellar Al Jazeera news network. Click the image to go the article. Image Credit: Zcopley


[Fig.4] Raspberry Pi is another topic you can expect to see more of in this journal. Here is a video of creator Eben Upton demoing the small computer. Click the link to go to the video. Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.


[Fig.5] Finally, you like high heels, how do you like them now? Image credit: Anonymous


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