This weeks menagerie of miscellanea, seen and digested by me, to be regurgitated here to stimulate your mind.

If you have any suggestions for the Sunday shorts please send them to “thescientificmoustache [at] gmail [dot] com”.

[Fig.1] Marmalade Studios show off some slow motion recording that looks to good to be real.

[Fig.2] An article looking at global remittance (the payment to families from relative working abroad) and countries where it is illegal, followed by a treatise on how Bitcoin could help. Some surprising statistics in there as well. Click the image to go the article. Image Credit: Zcopley

[Fig.3] In something way under the radar as far as western media goes, some of the worst violence Kyrgyzstan has ever had has seen 117 killed and hundreds of thousands flee their homes. Click the image to go to the Arab Times report. Image Credit: Arab Times

[Fig.4] Further Coverage can be found over at Defence Talk where more of the political and regional motivations are explored. Click the image to go to the article. Image Credit: Defence Talk

[Fig.5] This is a generated image showing a massive Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun. This storm blasted past us on the 16th of June, nobody even noticed. Image Credit: Spaceweather

[Fig.6] Monica Cook has a twisted mind. I hope you are ready for this.




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