This weeks menagerie of miscellanea, seen and digested by me, to be regurgitated here to stimulate your mind.

If you have any suggestions for the Sunday shorts please send them to “thescientificmoustache [at] gmail [dot] com”.

[Fig.1] In an Address titled “Truth cannot contradict Truth” on October 22nd 1996 Pope John Paul II officially sanctioned Evolution sound science. That it is possible to be a Christian and accept the work of scientific method. It seems this particular announcement is still too often overlooked. Click on the image to view the full text. Image Credit: unknown

[Fig.2] Despite the atrocious stereotyping in this video, it is fair to say that women are under-represented in science.  Alice Rose Bell makes a convincing argument on her blog that science is a people thing; and rather than re-brand it for the younger generation, we should allow people to explore it and become enthralled all by themselves. The article can be found over at her blog, through the looking glass [HERE].

[Fig.3] Courtesy of the guys over on /r/lovecraft, click the image to be taken to a Lovecraft inspired playlist of foreboding ambient soundscapes and other melancholy pieces. If you are in a quixotic mood, this playlist has hours of strangeness for you. Image Credit: Dominique Signoret

[Fig.4] This video is beautifully animated and beyond that Yang Tzu Ting has written a very complex paradox into this mesmerising short. It took me at least three watch through’s to fully understand what was happening but it is well worth it.

[Fig.5] In a move that was planned just before his arrest, Kim Dotcom is planning to launch Megabox, the service would allow artists to sell there music directly to fans without a record label as a middle man. Click the link to be taken to the BBC article covering the story. Image Credit: Techcrunch


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