This weeks menagerie of miscellanea, seen and digested by me, to be regurgitated here to stimulate your mind.

If you have any suggestions for the Sunday shorts please send them to “thescientificmoustache [at] gmail [dot] com”.

[Fig.1] Andre the Giant, 2.24m or 7ft 4inches and 215kg or 475lb. Was a French wrestler and occasional film star with a growth disorder that led him to be referred to as the “eighth wonder of the world”. Image via and linked to All that is interesting.

[Fig.2] Cock fighting is an Illegal sport in many countries, however the power evoked by the rooster here, armed and dangerous, really took me back. Image links to Wikipedia. Image Credit: The Atlantic 

[Fig.3] This video created by Jeremy McDonald, edits together footage he filmed when he was 12 and now aged 32. They seamlessly blend together to give the illusion that he is having a conversation with himself. It is amazing.

[Fig.4] The painting above by Joseph Wright inspired Steve over at Jack of Sciences in 2008 to comprise a basic list of everything you will need to start your own home based general purpose laboratory. Click the image to see the list he curated.

[Fig.5] The Secret Number – Full Film from Colin Levy on Vimeo. The story of a professor, who believes there is an integer hidden between three and four, and his psychiatrist.


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