So, I sit here in the evening on New Year’s Day, thinking about Janus. January is named after this particular roman god. Janus had two faces, and had the ability to see both into the past and into the future. He was said to be the god of new beginnings, transitions, ends; also gateways, doors and the passage of time. So appropriately with resolutions in the air, I consider what was good and bad in 2013 and what 2014 might hold for me.

Personally, 2013 was an interesting year, I was awarded a distinction in my foundation year at university; the percentage could have been better, I tailed off toward the end of it, missed a few things I shouldn’t have, the usual stuff. Summer brought the arrival of my butterfly labs mining hardware. I mined about 9 bitcoin over the holidays, which I promptly sold for £60 each to pay rent. I didn’t get many if any hours at work; this was massively infuriating when the price spiked in September to over £600. I sold them at the market rate at the time and I didn’t want to be homeless, so not an awful trade off. Back at University, we launched the new Physics society. That has turned out to be a rocky and mixed result enterprise. It has certainly been a learning curve, but I am personally happy with the progress made and we look forward to an exciting remainder of the academic year. Academically for me it has been a sloppy term and results have reflected this, efforts will need to be improved to come out with the grades I desire. Oh and I lost my moustache on my 25th birthday, my Das Keyboard mechanical at the end of university term & my romantic lifestyle choices have been thrown into turmoil, but more on that later.

2014 brings an interesting mix of goals. Previously I have worked out regularly for a six month period, but without any dietary management results were below expectations. Towards the end of last year, I controlled my nutrient intake and did a few sessions at the gym with some people I trust to know what they are talking about. The results were stark and far over what I had anticipated. These two examples in combination have led me to set personal fitness as a general goal for the year. I have set up a not overly strenuous program and have started a controlled but not unsustainable diet. I hope to have requisite resolve to actually stick it through on this. Speaking of resolve, the unsung root of resolution, I am sure many of you suffer from idea fatigue. You get a great plan, you draw tables, schedules and diagrams, and for a period it is fantastic, then you get bored, irritated, distracted and the plan goes out the window. In fact another one of the things I want to work on this year is sticking to my guns more. That manifests itself most prominently in a real commitment to keeping this blog updated and full of original content. Add to this a redoubling of my academic efforts, an attempt to read a book a month, an aim to write more letters, a serious clean out of my finances & most importantly to regrow my moustache. Oh and I am sticking with 2011’s resolution to make no more new year’s resolutions.

This is not a promise, a manifesto or something that anyone should really hold me to; after all, I am only human.

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