FASHION I – Contrast Collar Shirts

Good day to you all. Most of you that know me will recognise that I have a certain propensity to formality in my attire. With that in mind I want to talk a bit about things I have seen and items that I want. This will be followed up later in the year by a second set of posts talking about what items I have acquired and adding any further inspirations I have found.

Getting stuck straight in, the first thing I really want this year is based on something I have seen dart in and out the edges of shirt design for a few years. Contrast collar shirts are simply shirts that have a colour or pattern on the body and sleeve while retaining white on the collar. Great examples can be found in Charlie Wilson’s War, which can be found [HERE] on Imdb, worn by Tom Hanks.

[Fig.1] This blue and red shirt features both a button down collar and epaulettes which apparently is impossible to find.

[Fig.2] Again Button down with epaulettes. The tie and watch here are also fantastic.

Also, older examples include Kevin Stewart, the fashion director for ESPN. He has been rocking a beard for years and has even got himself a meme, “Professor Badass” described [HERE]. Gordon Gekko portrayed by Michael Douglass in Wall Street, Imdb found [HERE] and also both DiCaprio and McConaughey in The Wolf of Wall Street, Imdb found [HERE].

[Fig.3] The original image that shot Kevin Stewart to fame, while the Hemmingway-esqe explorer look is great, you would have to be black to pull off the pink brogues.

[Fig.4] Gordon Gekko is one of the most effective male antagonists in 20th Century cinema. He epitomises power-status.

[Fig.5] Matthew’s character has only a minor role in the opening act of the film, but his shirt and tie definitely evoke memories of Michael Douglas.

Now in the market they come in a variety of styles ranging from garish to sublime. Below are my picks. Click on each of the pictures to be taken to the respective store.

[Fig.6] Tom Ford – the best of the bunch – obviously sold out.

[Fig.7] This Lilac version from Hawes & Curtis while not to my personal taste has colour without being overbearing.

[Fig.8] This Shirt from TMLewin is subtle and the cutaway collar is a nice touch.


[Fig.9] This is my personal favourite, subtle patterning and although lacking the button down collar, the best I could find short of the sold out Tom Ford. This one is also certainly more within budget!

So there we have it, my first style pick for 2014 is the contrast collar shirt. I have left out dozens of examples so please go look for yourself, most good shirt-makers usually carry one or two styles.

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