AGDQ 2015 – Charity Gaming Marathon

In just over an hour, gamers from all over the world will begin a livestream marathon to raise money for the PCF, prevent cancer foundation. The event is scheduled to run for one week, during which gamers will “speedrun” a plethora of games from many platforms and genres. Donating at various points of the event will enter you for prize draws to win exclusive limited edition merchandise and prizes, all donated by the community.

A speedrun, to clarify, is completing a game as fast as possible through a combination of glitch exploits, precise planning and generally being unbelievably good. Some of the “runs” defy belief especially when you consider that for many, a death or game-over is a run-over condition. If you want to see some of your favourite games utterly demolished by some of the best gamers on the planet. This event is for you. If you have lost someone to cancer, and want to donate money to the largest charity gaming marathon in the world. This event is for you. If you are a die hard gamer, and just want to see how pants you are. This event is for you.

The event can be viewed [HERE].

The PCF homepage is [HERE].

Speed Demos Archive, who organise the event, can be found [HERE].

As always thanks.


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