We shall call this the four week introduction. I have now completed week 0 through 3 of my physics foundation year and it has certainly been hectic. When I first moved in it was somewhat of a bizarre experience. I have four international housemates and they are generally very reclusive. International freshers week runs the […]

Last Thursday was the third London Raspberry Jam. There was noformal structure to this event but there was a palpable buzz as projects started earlier were starting to reach adolescence. There were three or four main congregations around various ongoing projects people had brought with them and it turned out to be a very productive […]

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the second annual Bitcoin Convention at the Royal National Hotel, Russell Gardens. For those of you who do not know what bitcoin is I shall refer you to the previous post I made explaining the subject [HERE]. It was fascinating to meet some of the other bitcoin […]

Ok so here I am sat in Helsinki, not going out tonight, so I thought I would briefly talk about some of the things that i have experienced. Moscow is a cold city, not to say the weather was bad, but it is a hard place to get along with as a solo traveller. Very […]

Ok so I am off on holiday for three weeks, touring Russia and Scandinavia. I fly to Moscow via Riga, then get the train on to St. Petersburg, then on to Helsinki. From their it is a boat across the Baltic to Stockholm, followed by trains to Oslo and Copenhagen in turn, the flight back via […]

A few weeks ago I attended The War & Peace Show; it is the largest show of military vehicles on the planet. Re-enactors, vehicle owners, enthusiasts and aficionados from all over the world gather at the Whitbread hop farm in Kent for five days of displays, trading and discussion. The show website can be found […]

After a month of emails thrown back and forth, the other co-conspirators and I presented the second London Raspberry Jam. Alan (@teknoteacher) compared for a second time and we saw a wide variety of projects, some returning, several new, as well as a call to action from three teachers. If you click on any of […]