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RASPBERRY PI IV – October London Raspberry Jam

Yesterday was the October London Raspberry Pi Jam at the Mozilla Space in London. This particular event was more geared up to be a hack evening. There were around 25 attendees, thus it was a smaller event than previous occasions; we discovered this was due to the fact that we did not email the eventbrite […]

RASPBERRY PI III – September London Raspberry Jam

Last Thursday was the third London Raspberry Jam. There was noformal structure to this event but there was a palpable buzz as projects started earlier were starting to reach adolescence. There were three or four main congregations around various ongoing projects people had brought with them and it turned out to be a very productive […]

BITCOIN II – Bitcoin 2012 Conference

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the second annual Bitcoin Convention at the Royal National Hotel, Russell Gardens. For those of you who do not know what bitcoin is I shall refer you to the previous post I made explaining the subject [HERE]. It was fascinating to meet some of the other bitcoin […]

RASPBERRY PI II – July London Raspberry Jam

After a month of emails thrown back and forth, the other co-conspirators and I presented the second London Raspberry Jam. Alan (@teknoteacher) compared for a second time and we saw a wide variety of projects, some returning, several new, as well as a call to action from three teachers. If you click on any of […]

EDITORIAL II – What to expect short term

In absence of an about page or any form of introduction, I would like to take this opportunity to elaborate on what is coming up over the next couple of months. On Sunday I will be attending and covering the Chap Olympiad. This is an annual event run by Chap magazine. A brief description can […]

RASPBERRY PI I – London Raspberry Jam

Revisions/corrections in Bold. Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of attending the first ever London Raspberry Jam. The networking event is designed to allow those with Raspberry Pi computers to interact with those who do not. It was attended by enthusiasts, hobbyists, lecturers, teachers, developers, parents with their children and other interested parties in the […]


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